Hello from Colombia!


Soojin Park, our Colombia Program Director has been traveling in country and shares this update. Just wanted to share my excitement about our Colombia program! Colombia is a mix of Bulgaria and China put together.  Fast, efficient, stable, and level of care for the children is just incredible!!!!!  Everyone in Colombia, from the government officials to […]

Meeting Children at Xiamen Orphanage


What an amazing day!  We are so blessed to have a one to one partnership with Xiamen.  The director and entire staff care deeply for the children.  Our team got an early start and we were able to see 73 children.  We were able to play with the children, learn a little about their personality […]

This Week in China


After airline challenges and delays, our team has arrived in China. While AGCI President Hollen Frazier participates in a training event for orphanage directors, the rest of our group had a chance to explore and experience the culture of China. VP of Adoption Jodi Miyama updates us on their day… After about 5 hours of […]

How Did We End Up Here?


Sometimes you’re standing in a photo shop in downtown Burgas, Bulgaria. You’re listening to your translator, the nanny from the orphanage and the photographer all simultaneously talking loudly trying to get a wide-eyed little girl (being held up in the air like Simba from The Lion King) to smile. And you find yourself thinking, how […]

Meet Seble from Ethiopia


Meet Seble. Seble was a Special Mother for our Hannah’s Hope in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. After leaving her work at Hannah’s Hope, she started her own coffee shop on a main road in Addis. Her business is flourishing thanks to her dedication, hard work, and a little support from AGCI. Seble is one of […]

Forever Family: The Kreiders


In this week where we celebrate the arrival of God’s Son, and the long journey and challenges Mary and Joseph experienced, it seems fitting to share the story of Rachel and Justin Kreider and their adoption of Lillyana. While their adoption journey was challenging, they could clearly see and feel the hand of God at […]

Forever Hopeful: Irma’s Journey

Irma Today

My name is Irma and this is my story. When I was 9, my two younger sisters and I were living with our aunt. She didn’t take very good care of us. I didn’t know where our parents were; all I knew was that I needed to help my sisters. I remember the day that everything […]

Haiti Trip Update

Sunday morning we met another mission team with Mountain Top Ministries (MTM) and went out in a caravan of ATV’s, 3 people per 4-wheeler. We drove down gravely, hole ridden roads- to a dried-up river bed. Through the river bed, the hills surrounded us on all sides; the country side is magnificent! We splashed through […]

Wilsons Honored for Receiving Angels in Adoption Award

Congressman Jim McDermott (D-Washington) congratulated Dan and Annie Wilson of Seattle, Washington, this week for receiving the 2012 Angels in AdoptionTM award. McDermott nominated the Wilsons in appreciation for their exceptional advocacy of adoption and care for orphans.