The Lekic Family

It always felt more personal with AGCI.

The Lekic family’s adoption story began as many do—they wanted to have children and were struggling with infertility. After deciding that they were ready to adopt, they began to research adoption agencies.

How did Bobi and Kathy Lekic know they’d found the right adoption agency? They felt at peace.

“It always felt more personal with AGCI,” Kathy Lekic said. “They were the only agency that followed up with a phone call.”

Bobi and Kathy decided to go with AGCI’s adoption program in Guatemala. Two years later, they brought home their first son, 10-and-a-half-month-old Benjamin. Benjamin came home just 5 months before Guatemala ceased international adoptions.

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“The process was smooth and AGCI always kept us in the loop,” Kathy said. “We knew that he received excellent care at Hannah’s Hope before we were able to bring him home. The special mothers loved him.”

After adjusting to life with their son, the Lekics were ready to begin thinking about adopting their second child.

“AGCI didn’t have a program at the time that fit what we were looking for,” Kathy said. “We chose an agency with a program in Kazakhstan.”

The Lekics soon felt like something was wrong. “It never felt right. There was a complete lack of communication and we were never kept up on what was going on,” Kathy said. “As soon as we were able, we pulled out of the program.”

The Lekics decided to try again with AGCI. After eventually settling on the China program, within a year they brought home their second son, Luke.

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“While the process was very smooth, his adoption was not the easiest,” Kathy said.

It soon became clear that 2-year-old Luke was in a lot of pain and would need additional surgeries to fully correct his bilateral cleft lip and palette. Since coming home and completing Luke’s additional surgeries, he has evolved “into a completely different kid,” Kathy said. “Now, he asks for hugs and is very affectionate.”

“We had fear but we had faith in God,” Kathy said. We wanted kids, but we felt adoption is what God put us on this earth to do.

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A few years later, the Lekics felt ready to adopt again. While they initially thought they would adopt again from China, they soon felt as though God was pushing them in a new direction—AGCI’s Colombia program. In less than a year, the Lekics were traveling home with the newest addition of their family, 10-month-old Emilia.

“It was a quick process,” said Kathy. We received our referral in February and brought Emilia home in April.”

Since arriving home this spring, Emilia has adjusted very well!

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“We took her to an pediatrician who specializes in international adoption and they told us that she is one of the healthiest adopted children that they’ve ever seen,” Kathy said. “She was born premature, but we know that because of AGCI she received the best care.”

Now adjusting to life as a family of 5, the Lekics are so thrilled with where their journey has brought them. “We are so happy to have this relationship with AGCI and be able to ask them for advice,” Kathy said. “Every experience with AGCI was great. We loved working with just one person throughout the process; it felt more personal. We feel like we have a personal connection with them and we felt so supported. We’re like a family.”

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