Sponsorship Store


While sponsorship provides your sponsored child with the education and essentials they need to thrive, a sponsorship gift is your opportunity to provide a special gift beyond what your sponsored child receives through your monthly support.

It’s easy to let your sponsored child know you care! Just click the red button to enter your sponsored child’s name we’ll take care of the rest!  All gifts will be purchased by AGCI in-country staff so that we can ensure all meals and gifts are culturally relevant and appropriate.

Want to give a gift? Get started!

Provide a special experience for the young women at the Dream Home! All sponsorship gifts for Dream Home students provide a fun extra-curricular activity for the entire home.

This package could include:
• A Birthday celebration
• Movie tickets
• A group workout class
• Treats during university exam week
• A special meal

Lighten the load on your sponsored child’s family by ensuring they have everything they need for a healthy and happy home.

This package could include:
• New blankets/sheets
• Kitchen supplies
• Cleaning supplies
• Toiletries

Good personal hygiene is an important part of building self-esteem! Help ensure your sponsored child has the items they need to put their best foot forward at school.

This package could include:
• Soap and shampoo
• Body lotion
• Combs
• Toothpaste and toothbrush

Give your sponsored child extra school supplies so they have everything they need to succeed!

This package could include:
• A backpack
• Markers
• Stickers
• Water bottle

Help your sponsored child look and feel their best with new clothing items!

This package could include:
• Undergarments
• Shirts
• Pants
• Shoes

Give your sponsored child an extra special gift—new toys or sports equipment!

This package could include:
• Soccer balls
• Culturally relevant toys
• Games
• Sports equipment