Sponsorship Ambassador FAQ

What Is A Sponsorship Ambassador?

AGCI Ambassadors are passionate sponsors who are committed to advocating for the vulnerable children within AGCI’s sponsorship programs. Driven to broaden their impact of sponsorship, ambassadors invite friends, families and communities to learn more about the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children across the globe. By empowering others to become sponsors, ambassadors help to ensure that children around the world can remain within their family’s loving care, continue their education, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

How do I become A Sponsorship Ambassador?

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Sign up to sponsor a child!

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Request to join the Facebook group!

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Get an inside scoop on sponsorship and start advocating for children worldwide!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Facebook group used for?

The AGCI Ambassador Facebook group is a place where AGCI sponsors can come together to advocate for vulnerable children worldwide. Through the Facebook group, you’ll be able to share about your unique sponsorship experience, get the “behind the scenes” updates on sponsorship, and connect with AGCI staff in a meaningful way!

What are the expectations as a Sponsorship Ambassador?

Each week, we’ll focus on one child that we want to find a sponsor for. We encourage our ambassadors to help by sharing this child’s story on their social media accounts. With hundreds of children in our sponsorship programs, we’re in need of a lot of sponsors! Sponsorship Ambassadors can also play a huge part in finding sponsors for children by hosting events at their church, with a small group of friends, or with family. Hosting events is not required, but highly encouraged!

Are there opportunities for compensation?

All God’s Children International is a non-profit organization and we are unable to give monetary compensation for participation on the Ambassador Team. We do, however, offer free or discounted merchandise throughout the year and travel opportunities!

Are there travel opportunities?

We believe there is incredible value in seeing AGCI’s work firsthand. We will reach out to you as travel opportunities to AGCI’s sponsorship countries become available!

What does the time commitment of a Sponsorship Ambassador look like?

The Ambassador Program has multiple opportunities for engagement and your time commitment can vary based on your schedule and desire to advocate! Sharing social media posts can take a few minutes per week, while an event might take a few days to plan.

Do I have to be a current sponsor in order to be a Sponsorship Ambassador?

We believe that the best advocates for sponsorship are people who have experienced the program themselves. Therefore, we do require that each of our ambassadors is a sponsor.

I’m already a Sponsorship Ambassador. How do I sign up to host an event?

We’re happy to hear that you’d like to host a sponsorship event in collaboration with AGCI. Most all of the resources you’ll need are available on the AGCI Ambassador Facebook Group page. For the materials you’ll need and to sign up to host an event click here!

Interested in Becoming a Sponsorship Ambassador?