About Colombia

  • 52% of children in Colombia do not attend secondary school.
  • There are 120,000 orphans in Colombia.
  • Colombia’s child labor rate is 8%.

AGCI’s Colombia Education Sponsorship Program

We’re thrilled to partner with an amazing grass roots organization in Colombia that is equipping families with the resources and therapies they need to stay together and overcome struggles at home and in the classroom. This life-changing organization works within a community in Colombia in which 70% of families are in the lowest socio-economic class. They give children the tools they need to excel in school through speech therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling. Additionally, they equip and lift up families with the support and resources they need to better parent their children.

Sponsorship makes these essential therapies a reality for vulnerable families! Additionally, a portion of your sponsorship helps give children living in institutions within the region access to the intervention programs they need for a brighter future.

In our Colombia Education Sponsorship program, our goal is for your sponsored child to graduate from the crucial therapy program that your support provides. After your sponsored child graduates from this fast-paced, incredibly effective program, your sponsorship has the potential to continue to impact multiple children throughout the duration of your sponsorship. To create the greatest impact possible, upon graduation, your sponsorship will be automatically transferred to the child with the greatest need in this program.