About Colombia

  • There are currently 120,000 children living under government protection in Colombia.
  • Annually, 70,000 children in Colombia are victims of sex trafficking.
  • 87% of sex trafficking victims are girls and women.
  • 98% of sex trafficking victims had prior involvement with child welfare services.

AGCI’s Colombia Independence Sponsorship Program

The young adults in our Colombia Independence Sponsorship program have grown up in the child welfare system. Today, they are preparing for their future without the love of a family, the wisdom of a mentor, or the life skills they need to succeed. Without access to an age-appropriate environment and a strong spiritual and emotional support system, many of these young adults will fall victim to prostitution, substance abuse, homelessness, or even suicide.

By becoming an Independence Sponsor, you are truly making a difference! Your support provides the opportunities and resources needed for a young adult to earn their college degree or vocational training certification while living in a loving home and learning what it means to be a successful, independent adult. Thanks to your monthly support, your sponsored youth will receive 24/7 love and mentorship from house parents, clothing, healthy food, medical care, tutoring, textbooks, and the invaluable gift of knowing that there are people who love and believe in them!

Additionally, a portion of your sponsorship helps give children living in institutions within the region access to the intervention programs they need for a brighter future.