Keeping Families Together

AGCI works to help stabilize families so that children never enter institutional care.


Poverty is one of the primary reasons for child abandonment. We’re dedicated to helping families stay together whenever possible by preventing struggling families from dissolving. By supporting families in crisis, we’re able to keep more children out of institutions and in the arms of their loving families. AGCI’s Micro-Grant program helps lift children and families out of poverty. Through training, mentorship, and a one-time grant, we’re helping women start their own businesses and better provide for their families. By providing these women with vocational skills, education, and counseling, we’re not only empowering them as individuals, but also strengthening their families.


An education can change a child’s life. We provide Education Sponsorship for children within vulnerable families so that these children can stay in school and within
 their family’s care. For just $40 a month, you can completely fund a child’s education and help them reach their full potential, follow their dreams, and lessen the financial strain of school fees.