Changing the System

AGCI works to influence child welfare policy through the highest levels of government to create clear paths to family and independence. Our vision is to provide a path to family for hundreds of thousands of children. We’re working to change this broken system from the ground up by partnering with local leaders.

We’re currently working to implement policy change in 3 regions around the world. Our latest efforts have already brought amazing change to one of these regions—Latin America! Through our partnerships in Colombia, we’re working to implement a nationwide caretaker training which will impact over 120,000 orphans throughout Colombia! This policy change is instrumental in changing the orphan care system. Additionally, we recently helped advocate for an exciting new law—all children in the Colombia care system can now only remain within protection for 12 months. This means that all family issues must be resolved within this period or the child will become eligible for adoption. This structural change is an amazing win for children’s rights and preventing children from languishing in institutions.

You can help intervene for the 8 million orphans living in institutions by partnering with AGCI! Be an advocate for the 8 million by spreading the word about the orphan crisis and AGCI’s efforts to intervene for these precious children.

Share one of our sample social media posts below or write your own to let friends and family know you stand with AGCI and the 8 million orphans living in institutions!

Did you know there are 8 million orphans living in institutions? AGCI is intervening for these orphans through initiatives and partnerships around the world! Learn more about AGCI’s work for orphans on their website. #AGCI #BeTheDifference 

I care about AGCI and the work they’re doing to make a difference for orphans. I believe the only way we can implement worldwide change is by connecting with others—learn more about AGCI’s work here. #AGCI #BeTheDifference