Together by AGCI is a brand new podcast from the creative team at All God’s Children International.


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Episode 1


Madi Salvati & Dayn Arnold, Podcast Hosts

MS: You’re listening to Together by AGCI,

DA: a brand new podcast from the creative team at All God’s Children International.

MS: I’m Madi Salvati.

DA: And I’m Dayn Arnold. And we are so excited to spend this time with you.

MS: First, we want to share a bit about AGCI.

All God’s Children International is an orphan care ministry answering God’s call to provide the love and care that every child deserves.

DA: AGCI began with a focus on international adoption, and over the last thirty years has expanded its vision and reach by working to empower local leaders to create paths to faith, family and independence for the 8 million children living in institutions.

MS: I’ve been working with AGCI for a year now, and the thing I love most about the work we get to do is how we show up everyday for these kids in so many unique ways. We are more than just an adoption agency and that’s what I love about the work we get to do everyday. It’s an honor to be a part of something so much bigger than myself — I love showing up each morning knowing everyone else there is equally as fired up about what we do.

DA: And I’ve been with AGCI for about three and a half years now, and the thing that gets me excited about the work we do is that we see adoption as a beautiful solution, but not the ONLY solution to the orphan crisis. Ultimately if we can give families the tools they need to be healthy and stable, we can help them stay together, which is the best thing for these kids. I love getting to share the stories of challenge and life-change in the work of AGCI.

MS: Stories connect us to people, allowing us to see the value of the most vulnerable children and families.

DA: On Together by AGCI we will explore what it means to be from a hard place and what we can all do to literally change the world.

MS: Whether we tell the stories of families empowered to stay together,

DA: the stories of adoptive families coming together,

MS: or the stories of all of us working together for the sake of children and families in need,

DA: we hope you will join us as we march toward a brighter future… together.

MS: We’ll talk to you soon.