Miracle Mission: Joseph

“You will be secure because there is hope.” Job 11:18

Joseph has such a loving soul! 2-and-a-half-year-old Joseph loves spending time with his friends and caregivers! Joseph has a sweet smile and is great at entertaining himself!

This adorable toddler can be quiet and is also a great sleeper. Joseph also has a healthy appetite—he is definitely not a picky eater!

Joseph came into care when he was just 1-month-old. Sweet Joseph has Down syndrome and attends special developmental classes each day. In his classes he plays with toys, music and enjoys outside activities. Joseph is able to crawl, turn over, sit up alone and stand with assistance! He also understands instructions and responds well when his name is called!

We are “secure [in Joseph’s future] because there is hope” for his family! We can’t wait to see the family that God has chosen for him!

Joseph is part of our Miracle Mission! We are praying for a family for Joseph August 7th! If this sweet boy is not matched with a family soon, he will return to the shared list and AGCI will no longer be able to advocate for him. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about Joseph!

Joseph is available for immediate placement. Families do not need to have a dossier completed to accept him. Approved families may also apply for the Special Treasures grant which will cover up to $5,000 in agency fees!

To learn more about Joseph, please contact Carin Sherman at csherman@allgodschildren.org or 503-327-7407!