Mikiyas: Lost in the Gap

MikMikiyas is lost in the gap.  His earliest years of life were spent in a government orphanage without stimulation, medication, love or hope. Mikiyas was born with severe CP which prevents him from walking, talking or feeding himself. He has no father and his mother lives in extreme poverty. She cannot offer all that Mikyas needs to survive. Due to rampant corruption in Ethiopia’s institutions, the orphanage caring for Mikiyas from infancy was shut down. After months of investigations and waiting, he was transferred into the care of AGCI staff in Mekele, Ethiopia in the summer of 2013. When Mikiyas arrived at Hannah’s Hope in Mekele his bones were brittle, his fists were clenched tight and his major muscle groups were severely underdeveloped. He had spent his whole life thus far laying flat in a crib. When Mikiyas arrived at Hannah’s Hope he had pain in his eyes. He moaned constantly in ache and desperation, the cries of grief and a cry for help.
In the fall of 2013 Mikiyas was transferred to Hannah’s Hope in Addis Ababa to receive more intensive therapy, medical treatment and care. One year later, he has taken huge steps forward.  Mikyas now spends his days happily laying outstretched on blankets while special mothers rub his legs and sing him songs. His muscle tone has made dramatic improvements and he loves working to formulate words and engage with the other children around him.  The most dramatic change though is the light and hope when you look into his eyes. Mikiyas is on the brink of hope.   
Despite his progress, Mikiyas is still in great need. His special needs require him to receive more intensive therapy and medical care in order to reach his fullest potential. Unfortunately, after years of waiting in a government institution, the regional government in Tigray will still not release his file to allow Mikiyas to be placed for adoption. While the government reviews claims against corrupt orphanages, Mikiyas waits. He is one little boy caught in the red tape that leaves so many children without what they need in their most critical years of life. Sadly, Mikiyas will never have another chance at those first critical years. Yet, we have seen miracles in his life over this past year as he begins to blossom into the little boy he was made to be.  We continue to hope and believe that Mikiyas has a bright future ahead of him.    
Will you fill the gap for Mikiyas?  Our Summer of Hope campaign provides funds to help children like Mikiyas. Help us give this special little boy all he needs as he continues to wait for his chance at a forever family.