Meet Abigail and Mikayla

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Sisters Abigail (11) and Mikayla (8) need the unconditional love of a forever family! These sweet sisters are healthy, active, and very bonded—they just need a family’s love! Sadly, Abigail and Mikayla have bounced between institutional care in Colombia and their biological family and are working through the trauma of this instability. They are now living with a foster family and doing well! 

Big sister Abigail is a sweet, shy girl! Abigail loves cartoons and dancing and has taken dance classes for the past year. Unfortunately, Abigail did not have the opportunity to attend school prior to coming into care and is behind in her education. In spite of this, she has worked hard to learn to read and write and is making great progress! Her favorite subject in school is math. Abigail is very respectful at home and always offers a helping hand to her foster mom. 

Baby sister Mikayla is an outgoing, social girl! Like her big sister, Mikayla loves to dance and has been taking dance classes for the past year. She also loves movies, games, outings, and spending time with her sister and foster family. Since coming into her foster home, Mikayla is calm and is often in a good mood. She has also built healthy practices, routines, and positive habits in the foster home. Despite being denied the opportunity to attend school, Mikayla has done very well in school and is working hard to catch up.

Sisters Abigail and Mikayla desperately need the unconditional love and support of a forever family. Abigail shared that to her, a family is meant to “to love you, to teach you values and norms, to share.” We know that God has an incredible family planned for these amazing girls!

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