How AGCI Is Intervening For Orphans

AGCI is excited to be working closely with the Office of Children’s Issues in Washington D.C. By partnering with this sector of the U.S. government, we’re able to connect with a network of agencies that parallel our policy work for orphans around the world. Additionally, this collaborative relationship provides us with a platform to share our work with others and address potential issues, so the Office of Children’s Issues is able to have a complete picture of the orphan crisis.



Finding Families for Orphans

AGCI began placing children with their forever families in Oregon in 2008. Through our partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services, we facilitate adoption services for children currently in the Oregon foster care system. Families adopting through AGCI’s Oregon program are able to begin their adoption process immediately and also have access to our extensive support services that begin through advocacy to be matched with your child, and extend to support throughout your child’s life.

Additionally, AGCI has offices in 7 states to help families with home study and post-adoption services! If your family currently lives in Oregon, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington, Indiana, or Texas, AGCI staff can complete your family’s home study.

Families do not need to adopt through AGCI in order to utilize our home study services. If your family is adopting through another agency, AGCI can provide home study and post-adoption services if you live in: Oregon, Washington, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, or Texas. AGCI is a Hague accredited agency with experience working in 25+ countries over the past 30+ years. We are committed to completing every home study in six months or less and our services can even be expedited if needed (additional fees apply). AGCI is always committed to providing a premium level of support to each and every family we work with! Learn more about completing your Home Study with AGCI here.


Changing the System

Lisa Gore, AGCI’s Southeast Regional Advancement Officer, partners with families, churches, and organizations in the southeastern United States to advocate for, and support, orphans and vulnerable families around the world. Through events, sponsorship, and community engagement, Lisa facilitates conversations and advocacy efforts throughout the southeastern region. Before joining us, Lisa worked at a church in Atlanta supporting families and children at risk.

While serving in China, she witnessed the impact of AGCI. This experience fueled her passion for orphan care and prompted her to join our team.

By opening an office in the Southeast, we hope to create a larger community of advocates to help us intervene on behalf of the over 8 million children who live in institutional care. To learn more about how you or church can get involved, reach out to Lisa here.



“Don’t let the fear of what ifs and unknowns stop you from doing what you know the Lord has put on your heart. The Lord meets our needs. He will fulfill and sustain us even in our most desperate and darkest times.”
— Mary and Ryan Fredrich, AGCI Adoptive Parents