South Africa

About South Africa

South Africa (officially known as the Republic of South Africa) is the largest country in Southern Africa and is marked by wide diversity in its geography and in its people. With a great variety of cultures, languages and religions, South Africa has a rich history. Sadly, it is also one of the most unequal countries in the world where extreme opulence and severe poverty often exist side-by-side. Disease, unemployment, political unrest, and numerous other factors have led to a devastating orphan crisis.

How We’re Intervening For Orphans In South Africa

Our vision is to expand caregiver training in South Africa so that every social worker has the training and resources they need to better advocate for children. South Africa has the highest rate of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in the world. Understanding the needs of children affected by FASD is especially crucial for caregivers, social workers, and policymakers. It’s AGCI’s goal to equip these individuals with the education and training they need to advocate for these children.

As we work to place more children with their forever families, we’re launching adoption trainings for government officials, social workers, and orphanage directors. As a result, more orphans with special needs will be eligible for adoption and will have the opportunity to be united with a family.

Recent News

We are so excited to share that our South Africa Adoption Program officially opened on November 1, 2018! We are accepting a limited number of families in 2018 for our pilot program.

Family-Like Care

We’re in the process of implementing our first Connected Care caregiver training in South Africa! This program is designed to elevate the standard of care for orphans by introducing TBRI principles in a hands-on, practical way for caregivers.

AGCI’s goal is for both caregivers and children to experience the evidence-based benefits of TBRI—which includes true healing for children, better connection between caregivers and children, and the ability to manage behaviors in a more loving and attachment-based way. Our hope is that this program can change lives for generations of children and families.

Finding Families For Orphans

Our new South Africa Adoption Program is now open! Limited openings are available in 2018 for our pilot program. All God’s Children International is one of three U.S. agencies accredited to provide adoption services for children in South Africa.

We work directly with the South African Central Authority (Department of Social Development) to place children in loving, safe, and permanent homes. South Africa is one of the first African countries to embrace the regulations of the Hague Convention and AGCI is one of the only agencies with 2 Hague accredited programs in Africa!

Changing the System

Together with our partners in South Africa, we’re working to influence child welfare policy at the highest levels of government. It’s our goal to begin to change the system and create a path to family and elevated care for all orphans.

AGCI hopes to unite NGOs and policymakers in the region to create a unified, strategic child advocacy plan.


How To Foster Connection In The Midst Of COVID-19

In a time of social distancing and stay home, stay safe ordinances, it can feel especially challenging to stay connected.  With help from Families Are Forever’s Director of Education, Trudy Landis, we’ve compiled a few tips and resources to help families stay connected and engaged in this unprecedented time. As the adult, be as calm . . .

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A Day In The Life

A typical school day looks a little different in Samre, Ethiopia compared to a school day for a child in the United States.  A Typical School Day in Ethiopia for Maebel*, age 12 5:00 AM: The day begins. Maebel’s day begins when the sun rises.  5:15 AM: Travel 15 minutes each way for fresh water. The jerrycan Maebel fills . . .

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Ryan Is Waiting In China

Ryan just turned 7 years old! We’ve been advocating for this adorable, kind boy for some time now and we just know his forever family is out there. We are counting on you, our incredible AGCI family to join us in prayer and advocacy to help us find his forever family!  Ryan has spent most of his life . . .

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Meet Ally

3-year-old Ally is a joy! Ally entered into foster care in Colombia when she was just a few weeks old. This sweet girl has lived with the same foster family since she was placed into care and we are so excited to see that she has bonded well to her foster mom.  Ally is beginning . . .

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Pray For AGCI Co-Founder, Jan Beazely

Please join us in prayer for AGCI co-founder, Jan Beazely. Jan, her husband, Ron, and their daughter, Heather, started AGCI after following God’s call to adopt their daughter, Hannah, almost 30 years ago. We are heartbroken to share that just before Christmas, Jan was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive lung disease and has spent the . . .

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Could Brady Be Your Son?

Sweet Brady recently celebrated his 8th birthday–it’s our prayer that his next birthday is spent with his loving forever family! We have been advocating for Brady for several years and we refuse to give up until he is united with his forever family! Brady is still waiting in Colombia for his forever family, and it’s our prayer . . .

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For 19-year-old Namousa, AGCI’s Independence program is so much more than the chance to further her education—it’s the chance to break the cycle of poverty and follow her dreams. Following the death of her mother, Namousa was brought to a South African orphanage at the age of 7. Dedicated, bright, and committed to a different life than that of her family, Namousa worked hard at school and through the help of AGCI’s Independence program, recently graduated college with a degree in social work. Without this support, Namousa would be back on the streets, with no resources or skills to help her get her start in life. Today, this amazing young woman is practicing social work with the goal of intervening for other orphans so that they too can have the support they need to follow their dreams.