Adopting in Oregon? AGCI is licensed to provide home study only services for families residing in Oregon.


Every Oregon adoptive family must work with a local home study agency to complete necessary home study and post-placement reports. The adoption home study is an in-depth report on your family, compiled by an Oregon licensed social worker. In order to receive a referral for an adoptive child, your family must first finish the home study process. Once your home study is approved, your family may begin to accept a child referral. After your adopted child has arrived home, post adoption reports are also required.

“Adoption is worth every penny, every piece of paperwork, and every minute spent waiting to get to witness firsthand what the love of a family can do for a child.”
—Raina and Christopher Horner, AGCI Adoptive Parents to Layton and Alyssa.


Families do not need to adopt through AGCI in order to utilize our home study services. We are a Hague accredited agency with experience working in 23 countries over the past 26 years. With AGCI, there’s never a “backlog.” We’re committed to completing every home study in six months or less and our services can even be expedited if needed (additional fees apply). We structure our process in a way that coordinates education and paperwork with anticipated completion time—our social workers are available without additional wait time. Working with AGCI also means unparalleled post adoption support. We are committed to providing a premium level of support to each and every family we work with.



AGCI provides direct home study services to Oregon families completing an adoption through another placement agency. By choosing AGCI for your home study only services, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:


With more than 25 years of adoption experience, we’ve united over 3,100 children with their forever families. Our home study providers also complete every home study to Oregon state and Hague standards.

International Expertise

Our international experience is apparent. We’ve worked with adoption officials in the following 23 countries:

Bulgaria | Burundi | China | Colombia | Ethiopia | Ghana | Guatemala | Haiti | Hungary | India | Kazakhstan | Macedonia | Mexico | Nepal | Philippines | Romania | Russia | Rwanda | Taiwan | Uganda | Ukraine | U.S. | Vietnam

Program Reliability 

We’ll work with your placing agency to make sure all Oregon state and program requirements are met upon placement of your child in your home.

“Don’t let the fear of what ifs and unknowns stop you from doing what you know the Lord has put on your heart. The Lord meets our needs. He will fulfill and sustain us even in our most desperate and darkest times.”
–Mary Fredrich, Adoptive Mom to Marcus and Roman


STEP ONE Submit your Application

Please fill out a Free Pre-App to determine if you meet AGCI eligibility requirements. Once approved and contracted, the home study process can begin!

STEP TWO Home Study Paperwork

Once contracted with AGCI, the home study process can begin. A home study typically takes between 3-4 months to complete. Over this period of time, a social worker will collect required home study documents including local criminal and background checks. After all documents are received, an AGCI Oregon social worker will conduct family interviews in your home. These interviews last a minimum of six hours on two separate visits. Once home study interviews are complete, a comprehensive report will be written by your social worker. AGCI will submit the completed home study to your placing agency for review and finalization.

STEP THREE Post Adoption Visits

Once your child is home, post-adoption visits will be scheduled according to placing agency and program specific requirements.

“I always recommend AGCI. From the very beginning, we felt supported. The communication was super easy and quick. We always felt very cared for by the staff at AGCI and like we were given realistic expectations. Post adoption support has also been really nice. It’s great to still have that connection and personal relationships. We definitely want to adopt through AGCI again some day.”
–Macon and Daniel James, AGCI Adoptive Parents


Application Fee$300
AGCI Home Study$2200
Home Study Update / Addendum (text change, minor change, no home visit required)$400
Home Study Update (with visit and/or extensive changes) or Program Conversion Home Study$900


Single child, per report (# of reports varies by program requirements)$400
Multiple children, per report, one home visit First Child Fee$400
Additional Child Fee$225


First Child Fee$200
Additional Child Fee$100


AGCI has a service area of 40 miles (round trip) from our office or nearest social worker in each state. Families will be billed for mileage outside of the service area. Families will be responsible for additional travel fees (i.e., travel time, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.).


$0.50 per mile after 40 miles round trip.


$15 per hour, after two hours of travel round trip.


We require that all adoptive parents complete training courses through Adoption Learning Partners to beginning home study visits. These courses are available online for a cost of approximately $215 per family, per adoption.

“AGCI was always quick to answer our questions and address our concerns. They walked us through each and every step of the process, and we never felt alone. We appreciated the balance of realism and optimism. They were always very direct and honest with us. They acknowledged and validated the frustrations that are just an inevitable part of the adoption process. And they rejoiced with us any time we got good news! We believe that they prayed for us and truly had our best interests and the interests of our adopted sons at the heart of everything they did. And they have continued to follow up with us and make themselves available to us after we brought our boys home. AGCI’s passion for orphan care is truly inspiring and contagious! If we adopt again in the future, we will absolutely choose AGCI again.”

— Carrie Partridge, AGCI Adoptive Mom

Reach out to AGCI’s Inquiry Team or call 800-214-6719.