Inspired by Haiti

Blog Photo 2 OPTAfter a long week of work, we’re finally saying goodbye to Haiti. It seems like just yesterday we were adjusting to the heat, fast paced driving, and loud sounds at night; and yet those same sounds that at first kept us awake have come to lull us to sleep. The children we’ve embraced are no longer strangers. They have names, personalities, and smiles that have melted our hearts.

Relationships have been created with children living without parents. We’ve seen these children’s everyday lives and held their hands as they lead us to play their favorite games. Haitian’s have shown us hospitality and dedication by feeding us and working with us to accomplish tasks. Through the blur of work and laughter we are leaving Haiti with full stomachs and more importantly full hearts.

This knowledge we now have, comes with a great price. We are responsible for what we do with this knowledge. We’re not just responsible for what we know, but we’ve held the very children who need us most. They’re relying on us to share their stories and continue to remember what we’ve seen. Advocating will certainly look different in each of our lives but I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re truly inspired, moved, and ready to see where God leads each of us.

One Response

  1. God bless you with favor and prosper and more strength in Jesus name that do good and helping the children of Haiti without parents and no home and no food and so much love they needs in Jesus name, be blessed and let the Lord be great among Haiti people in needs, thanks and bless,keijo sweden