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You can help provide life-changing elevated care for vulnerable children around the world. By coaching and mentoring caregivers in holistic, trauma-informed care, we can ensure that every child receives the love and care they deserve and has a path to family or independence.

PHOTO ABOVE: “I gained a lot of skills and knowledge here. For example, Azeb (Director of House of Hope) taught us that abusing others is very bad. It is not good to beat people with a stick, rather we need to advise them and give them positive words to help people recover from bad behaviors. And Sister Selam (nurse/psychologist) also told me so many things, because I got so much counseling from her. What I’m thinking in my mind, even negative things, I go to Sister Selam and she helps me to process things. This is good for me and she helps me to solve my problems,” Birahnu said.

You can help provide family-like, elevated care.

“We love because He first loved us.”