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AGCI’s Family Preservation Programs ensure that children are able to attend school, receive the therapies they need to thrive, and support their family’s healing journey. By giving a gift towards AGCI’s Family Preservation Programs, you can change a child’s life and keep a vulnerable family from collapsing!

PHOTO ABOVE: “Before receiving help, I felt sad and stressed; I felt in danger. When I received help, I felt happy… I am in the first place in my classroom, I have good grades and my teachers congratulate me because of my grades and my behavior. I feel good. Cristina helped me overcome what happened to me and when I am sad, she makes me happy, she always helps me, and she is super cool and very funny.” Andres said.

You can help a child thrive and stay within their family!

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”