Heather’s Christmas Wish For Family

We first met 14-year-old Heather at an orphanage in Colombia in October of 2016. Months away from aging out of the system, Heather’s prayer is that she’ll be matched with a family of her own before it’s too late. We are dedicated to making Heather’s wish for family come true!

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Heather is an old soul with a sense of maturity and understanding that blew us away! This brave girl left her family by choice because she knew that the way she  was treated was not normal and that her current environment was not the way a family should be.

Heather finds her inner strength and hope for the future through her deep belief in God. She trusts that God has her story written for her and knows that He has a plan for her. In spite of everything she has been through, Heather knows that God loves her and cares for her. She expresses her faith and her hope for the future through singing and songwriting. All of the songs she performed for us were about her personal life experiences and her faith that God’s timing will work out for her.

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While she has had a difficult beginning, Heather has used the challenges in her life to help other kids. We are so impressed by Heather’s positivity, compassion, and resilience—she always finds the best in every situation! She is also such a friendly presence and welcome distraction for the kids at La Casa. She’s a leader within the home and loves teaching her friends to dance and sing.

Heather’s biggest dream for herself is that she’ll have the opportunity to finish school, attend college and create a life for herself. She loves school and is passionate about writing, Spanish, and English.

This sweet girl wants nothing more than a family who shares her beliefs and will love and support her. Heather is at such a pivotal point in life—her parents will have the opportunity to help her realize her passions and who she is!

We are praying for a family for this amazing girl! To learn more about Heather, please reach out to Soojin at 971.244.1453 or spark@allgodschildren.org.

Watch Heather’s video here.