Hannah’s Hope in Mekelle

IMG 25561 OPTToday I wanted to introduce to you Hannah’s Hope in Mekelle.  Perhaps for some of you AGCI followers this will be the first time you have heard about this other branch of AGCI Hannah’s Hope, located in the northern part of the country. It’s been my joy to get to spend some time at Hannah’s Hope Mekelle this week with the kids and the staff there so I wanted to share a bit more about this important outreach of AGCI.

Our home in Mekelle serves as a transition home for orphaned children from all over the Tigray region.  Many of the children come from rural areas of the north where food can be scarce and daily living can be a major struggle.  Since many families in the countryside here are dependent on farming for their day to day food and income, even the delay of rain or one failed crop can prevent families from meeting their children’s basic needs for a long time to come.

The home, office and all of our operations and outreach here is overseen by Tadasse, our AGCI director in Mekelle. Currently there are 6 children living at Hannah’s Hope in Mekelle and they have consistently been the highlight of my days here in town.  There are three regular special mothers who take shifts to be sure the children are well cared for 24/7. It is not an easy task, but these women do it with such grace. I am always so refreshed watching how well the special mothers care for children at AGCI Hannah’s Hope in Addis and the special mother staff in Mekelle are certainly no exception.  They make sure the children are fed directly and individually, they play with the kids each day, comfort them when they cry and engage them with toys, sounds and touch.   It is obvious in everything they do that they truly love the kids they care for and that love is all the difference.  Their care is something unique and the more I travel and visit orphanages around the world, the more I realize how unique that care truly is.

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