Haiti Day 5

Team Update by Lani

D52b OPTAnother great day of serving those who are serving orphans every day. After another amazing breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit, the guys and girls split up to finish various projects. The guys went to Rachael’s house to finish the playhouse (very grande!), the teeter-totter (fun!), and to replace the swing seats on the swing set. Now the kids have a fun, imaginative, colorful play area, complete with a chalkboard wall to color on, to run around safely in and just be the kids that they are.

D5b1 OPTThe girls went to House 15 with the babies to finish projects begun earlier this week and to just love on the little ones. Earlier in the week, team members had cleaned & painted the storage room and today the donations that were so generously provided created a problem that is good to have – Where are all of the donations going to go??? The shelves were literally overflowing with clothes and other supplies, and the critical need of formula and milk was tripled! An engaging undersea mural scene was painted and a wall length mirror placed in the front room where the babies spend much of their time, others helped hold, feed, clean and show the babies the new toys, including Playdoh which was a big hit!

The day ended with all of us surrounding Rachael and Sylvie at their house and thanking God for his bountiful provisions in the supply closet of donations and for the opportunity to serve them, and praying for continued strength and provision for them as they continue to take care of these precious little ones. Please keep Rachael, Sylvie, and all the children in Haiti in your prayers.