We are so grateful for your hearts and generosity. We feel blessed to share that we have exceeded our goal for formula for Burundi’s orphans! This campaign will remain open through the end of the April–we are trusting God to provide more than we ever could have imagined for His children!

Jodi Miyama, Our VP of Adoption, recently returned from Burundi with a heavy heart. While visiting shelters throughout Burundi, she was met with the same plea again and again: we need formula.

Jodi met and held children and babies suffering from severe malnutrition and witnessed infants fed soda when formula was unavailable.

Burundi is consistently ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world and we are heartbroken to see children suffering and unable to have their most basic needs met. Chronic malnutrition is the single biggest contributor to under-five mortality, makes children more susceptible to disease, stunts growth, and severely alters a child’s IQ.

Will you help us meet this urgent need for formula and basic nutrition for Burundi’s orphans?

A gift of $130 dollars will provide formula for an infant or basic nutrition for a child for one month. It’s our goal to provide 50 infants with a 3 month supply of formula. Will you give a gift and help children receive the basic nutrition they need to grow and thrive?

The need is great, but so is God’s love! Please join us in praying and lifting up these precious children.

Amount Raised

$26,796 raised of $20,000
Updated: 4/15/19 6:00am PST