Ethiopia Team: Great Progress!

FloorWorkWell, it is day three of the flooring project at the Metekel school and we have some significant progress to report. After another long day of pounding old floors, hauling sand, rocks and mixing cement, we now have all 5 classrooms laid with a new concrete floor.  This is also due in large part to the additional masons who came out to help the team today.  It is so amazing to see the new floors in place especially as the concrete begins to dry and we are able to see the final product. No more dust, no more dirt…..just clean, functional floors for the many students who attend class in these rooms each day.

DuststormWith some extra funds in our budget we decided to extend our project to repair the flooring as well for the walkway in front of each classroom.  This will allow the whole bottom floor of the school to have finally reached completion, 6 years after the original construction.  Lastly, we will be shifting gears a little as a team tomorrow by starting to put a fresh coat of paint on the classrooms that received new flooring.  Our goal is to make these classrooms look clean, bright and welcoming when the students return next week for school as usual.

After our work at the school today we had the chance to visit Hannah’s Hope Tigray where two little ones continue to be cared for by the small special mothers staff here in Mekele. These little girls brought joy to every single member of the team honestly just by laughing, smiling and being normal, silly kids. One of the best things to see at Hannah’s Hope homes are how joyful the children are and how the Special Mother’s staff really help them to embrace their childhood to the fullest even when they don’t have a family of their own.


Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of the dedication, hard work and persistence of this team who have handled every task with a spirit of humility, gratefulness and humor.   They each spend their days using every ounce of strength, but leaving plenty of time to get to know our Ethiopia co-workers, learn the local language and genuinely connecting with the children and community around them.  They are showing how orphan care can come to life and it is an awesome thing to be a part of.

Blessed to be serving! Until next post….