Emergency Relief Fund For Children and Families

God calls us to respond in this crisis, but we need your help. 

Children and families need your support now more than ever. For nearly 30 years All God’s Children International has been committed to providing the lifesaving resources that vulnerable children and families need no matter the circumstance. Today, the children and families we serve face an unprecedented challenge. The current pandemic sweeping the globe has forced many organizations, including government child welfare offices, to temporarily close their doors while the number of those in need is skyrocketing.

We need to raise $350K immediately to ensure that we’re able to step in the gap, sustain our operations and provide children in desperate need with the resources and support they need to weather this crisis.

These emergency services, made possible through your support, will provide:

  • Emergency virtual counseling services for 200 children who are victims of sexual abuse and living in institutions. These services are currently frozen leaving children without vital mental health services during another traumatic life event.
  • Funding for 24/7 support staff for the girls quarantined at the Dream Home in Colombia. These caregivers are risking everything in order to ensure that every girl has the love and support they need during this time of intense fear and isolation.
  • In-person wellness checks for 500 sponsored students. In light of the crisis, our AGCI teams in Ethiopia and Guatemala will visit each child’s home to provide monthly support and the emergency resources their families need to survive this global pandemic.

While we know this is a difficult time for everyone in the US and beyond, but your support is absolutely critical to continue AGCI’s mission. Can the children and families we serve count on you? Will you be Jesus’s hands and feet for the most vulnerable?

*Please Note: If you’re a family in the adoption process, please know that you are not expected to give in any way.