Could You Be Their Family?

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“You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry.”   Psalm 10:17

Siblings Melissa (12), Posey (10), and Mattias (7) are kind, loving kids who desperately want to be adopted together into a forever family! These sweet siblings entered into protection in Colombia about a year ago and currently live together with a foster family. They worry often about being separated and want nothing more than to spend the rest of their childhood with a forever family.

Oldest sister Melissa (12) is a calm, friendly girl who cares deeply about her younger siblings. Melissa is in the 5th grade and does very well in school! Melissa loves to play sports and has taken up chess! She also recently won a youth poetry festival with a reading of her own poem, “Flowers of My Land.” Melissa, like many girls her age, has recently taken more of an interest in her appearance—she likes dressing well, styling her hair, and wearing lip gloss, Sadly, for most of her life, Melissa has been thrust into a caregiver role. She shared that she knows God will be with her and that everything will be well and if she is well, her siblings will be well too. It’s our hope that Melissa will soon be able to enjoy being a kid and know that she is safe and loved! When asked about what adoption means to her, Melissa shared, “it’s having a family for the rest of my life, one that loves us very much and treats us well. I would like it to be in another country to fly in a plane and get to see many places.”

Posey (10) is a cheerful, calm girl who has an incredible ability to adapt well to new places and situations. She is in the 3rd grade and while school is challenging for her, she is making great progress! Posey likes extracurricular activities—especially cheerleading, chess, and arts and crafts, and music! Posey was diagnosed with Turner syndrome, which contributes to her short stature. She is very bonded to her brother and sister and gets anxious at the thought of being separated from them.

Sweet Mattias (7) is the baby of the family! Mattias gets along well with just about everyone and while he is sometimes shy, he’s always respectful and friendly. We are so encouraged by the bond that Mattias has developed with his foster mom, this is so important for his health and development! Mattias loves sports, playing outside, running, playing soccer, and playing with toy cars. Like his sisters, Mattias is anxious about the thought of being separated from them. For Mattias, adoption means belonging to a family forever.

Melissa, Posey, and Mattias need the unconditional love that only a family can provide. We know God hears their prayers and we can’t wait to see the family he has planned for them! 

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