A Chance For Family

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

12-year-old Emma and 4-year-old Everett are loving, affectionate siblings who just want to stay together as a family! These sweet siblings came into care in Colombia 3 years ago and are deeply bonded. Emma and Everett are currently separated and only see each other for short visits which is so hard on them. They both shared that they want to be adopted by a kind and loving family and be together again as brother and sister. The family adopting Emma and Everett may be eligible for our need-based AGCI Adoption Grant, which can assist a family in up to $3,000 toward adoption fees. 

Older sister Emma is developmentally on track for her age, in the 5th grade, and likes English and math! Emma is a bit behind in school because prior to coming into care, she did not attend school. We are so excited to see her blossom at school, become more social and active and express herself well! She is calm and cooperative, follows rules and interacts well with her peers. Emma loves singing, dancing, basketball, and gymnastics and dreams of becoming a gymnast one day! Emma is currently receiving therapy to help her overcome her past trauma. Emma’s deepest wish is to be reunited with her brother and know the love of a family! We know she will thrive with the support and love of her forever family!

Little brother Everett is so connected to his big sister and asks for her constantly! He is in Pre-K, very smart, and a true joy to be around! He is happy, confident, sure of himself socially, and has great cognitive and motor skills—he likes drawing, running, jumping, and playing with play dough. Everett loves to be active and especially likes riding tricycles, kicking balls, playing games with his friends and playing with puzzles. Like his sister Emma, he also loves to dance and sing to music! Everett gets anxious when he is not with his sister and calms down quickly when he is able to spend time with her. He talks often about how much he wants a family for himself and his sister!

These siblings just want to be together and know the love of a family! We know these siblings will thrive with the love and support only a family can give.  We are praying and putting our trust in God to make this happen! To learn more about Emma and Everett, please contact us at  waitingchildren@allgodschildren.org