Could Lucy be your daughter?

6-year-old Lucy is waiting in Colombia for her forever family! Lucy is a loving, happy girl and we know incredible things are possible for her with the love of a forever family. She came into care when she was just one-year-old after spending her first year in the care of her birth mother and grandmother. This cutie is currently living with a foster family and gets along well with her foster parents, which is so encouraging to see.

Lucy is a joy! She adapts easily and has made huge progress—she now is more assertive, calmer, and cheerful. She gets along well with others and enjoys sharing. A true girlie-girl, Lucy loves playing with dolls and makeup! She also loves dancing and listening to children’s music. This sweet girl was born premature and has a neurodevelopmental delay and heart condition. While Lucy has had some challenges, she is independent, pays attention, expresses her emotions, and her communication is improving—she can now speak in simple phrases.

We know God has big plans for Lucy! Is your family part of His plan?

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