Sweet Claudson suffers from Tuberculosis.  Thanks to the excellent care he is receiving through Rivers of Hope he is receiving the life-saving medical treatment he needs.  Claudson is 1-year-old and came to Rivers of Hope with a bad rash on his face and ears that seems to bring him great discomfort. While he is reserved and quiet, we are confident that the love and care he receives from the staff will bring him comfort and security. He is standing on his own and seems to be developmentally on track for his age which we are always excited to see!
UPDATE: Claudson has successfully finished his TB treatment and is now a healthy, happy boy! He is engaging, intelligent and loves eating! We are overjoyed to see the progress Claudson has made over these last few months.

Will you help sponsor Claudson and ensure that he continues to have the love, care, and nourishment he needs to thrive?