Capri’s Success With Lemonade

One girl. One day. One lemonade stand.
The result? Over $800 raised to help orphans!

Her mother Amber gave us the full report…

“Capri got it in her head this spring that she wanted to do a lemonade stand. She is my most persistent child, this far, and had continued to remind me all summer that she wanted to have one. Our agreement had been that she could hold one but that she had to give the money to a charity or to help others. We had some local options, but with Bulgaria being on our hearts…giving to the orphanage just made the most sense.

Dan and I provided the materials, Capri and I made a sign together, and then a week beforehand shared our plans via Facebook and a few bulletin boards. We had a constant trickle of people. One of the churches we were set up near had Bible school that week and let out while we were there, so that gave us a little extra traffic. It was a great learning experience for her and we are so excited about how much people contributed.

That morning I printed off pictures from the Raise the Roof page for Capri to show people who came, and I hadn’t noticed the picture of the children on there before. We are registered to adopt a boy and seeing those boys in the photo really made this fundraiser a bit more personal. It could easily be MY son needing a room to do therapy in!

So, so glad that we were able to do this!”

To learn how you can help orphans with a lemonade stand, contact Us.