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What does it mean to adopt a child who has HIV?

Many adoptive families are surprised to find that HIV is a very manageable medical condition. While HIV is a chronic illness that currently doesn’t have …

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9 Fundraising Ideas for Your Adoption!

AGCI has helped bring over 4,000 children home from 23 countries in the past 30 years. Time and again, we have seen God provide children …

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3 Things I Wish My (White) Adoptive Parents Had Known

Bonita Croyle is a transracial adoptee who leverages her unique lived experiences to inspire racial equity. She was adopted into a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania …

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Is there a right reason to adopt?

The best adoptions are those that put the interest of the child first. Director of Families Are Forever, Trudy Landis, has over 30 years of …

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The Little Things That Melt Our Hearts

We are honored to share this beautiful reflection by AGCI adoption mom, Vanessa Demeter. Sometimes life’s biggest joys are in the small things. We’re grateful …

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Intervening for Children Who Suffer Sexual Violence in Colombia

AGCI’s Vice President of International Programs, Kiersten Luginbill, shares updates from our partners in Bogota, Colombia. We know that children do best in a family …

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Reflecting on the Meaning of Coffee in Ethiopia

Coffee in Ethiopia is a twelve-hundred-year-old tradition, and when I had the privilege of experiencing the coffee ceremony at the home of someone with no electricity and no gas stove, I was transported back in time.

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God’s Light Leads The Way

This holiday season, our hearts are with the many adoptive families, who due to circumstances beyond their control, have had their adoptions delayed for months …


Could Lucy be your daughter?

6-year-old Lucy is waiting in Colombia for her forever family! Lucy is a loving, happy girl and we know incredible things are possible for her …