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Is Child Sponsorship Really Life-Changing?

There are an estimated 600,000 children living on the streets in Ethiopia (UNICEF). At AGCI, we see the ripples of poverty and the effects it ...
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Preparing for the Upcoming School Year

While summer is often a time full of fun and play, it can also be very jarring for kids who love consistency. Unfortunately, just as schedules ...
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7 Bible Verses to Encourage Adoptees

As people of faith, we know how important it is to read the Bible. As we read the Bible throughout a lifetime, our memory will ...
June 2023 Blog
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The Reality of International Adoption

Less than 20 years ago, international adoptions were booming in the United States. Reaching an all-time high of 22,989 intercountry adoptions to the U.S. in ...
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Let’s Play!

No two words fill a child with greater anticipation and joy than “Let’s play!” Play allows children to imagine and explore, and the process of exploration ...
May 23 International Adoption FAQ Blog
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Your Top International Adoption Questions, Answered

So, you’re considering international adoption–but your list of questions seems to be longer than your list of answers. It seems like international adoption is full ...
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Unique Ways to Celebrate Adoptive Moms on Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is a popular holiday not only in the United States but around the world! This special day celebrates mothers and the important role ...
April 23 Blog Ethical Adoption
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Ethics in Intercountry Adoption

Ethics play an important role in intercountry adoptions. Many of the children and families served through intercountry adoption are in particularly vulnerable situations and therefore ...
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Teaching Your Children the Truth About Easter

Along with Christmas, Easter is arguably the most important Christian holiday. During Christmas, we celebrate God’s provision shown through His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, ...