Amazing Lybbi, a Living Miracle

Many of you have been praying for Lybbi over the past few months, but many of you may not know her. Lybbi is a young lady from China with severe heart disease. She has already had one heart operation but remains critically ill. It is clear that God has a path for her life, as every step has seen miracle after miracle to get her this far.

She will be 2 years old in August. God has provided a wonderful Christian forever family from the U.S. She has two new brothers, 14 and 12, and a new sister, who is 10. 

We are so happy to report her safe arrival in the United States after flying from China on oxygen. The risk during flight is that typically an airplane traveler’s oxygen level decreases at altitude. Accompanied by a doctor, the trip alone provided it’s own miracles. Entries in the doctor’s journal highlight that miracle in motion.

  • 18,000 feet.
  • 25,000 feet. Sheesh, get to altitude already….She’s fussy. Needs a nap? Or something worse?
  • 32,000 feet. Her color looks good, but the lights are dim. She’s fussy, tired. But active. Time to check her oxygen level. Biiiiiig breath doctor. It’s out of your hands.
  • ……..Stupid oxygen monitor won’t pick up a signal. Wait, wait wait. Really! Feels like eons.
  • 81%!!!!!!!!!!  Really God? The EXACT same oxygen number she had at ground level.  I imagine He’s up there smiling. “I got this. I got this.”
  • 38,000 feet – 5 hours 25 minutes down, 6 hours 47 minutes left to go.  Oxygen level? 93%. Yes Ma’am, highest I’ve ever seen on her. Thank you God. Show off. Love it :).*9000 – number of hits on the blog of this beautiful little girl as they pray her and her family to their new life in America. Power in prayer.

While she is now home, her medical journey is far from over. Lybbi will have a heart catheter this next week.  Please be praying. This is what the family said will be the result of the cath:

We should find out whether she has pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in her lungs) – if she does, there may not be much they can do for her long-term. If she does not have it, there is potentially a lot that they can do for her surgically. So, a successful heart cath and no pulmonary hypertension is what we need to pray for.

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  1. Grandpa Barry and Grand Ma Pat have you , as always, in our prayers and good wishes!!! You are going to get
    better each day and we will get to see you soon. Love You!!!!!!