Adopt Tina

AGE 13
5th Grade

Tina is an affectionate, loving girl who craves connection! Our team met Tina last month in Colombia and spent an afternoon playing basketball, making friendship bracelets, and coloring! Tina shared with us several times how much she wants to have parents and the love of a family!

Tina is definitely an artist! She has amazing drawing skills and even made a member of our team a special friendship bracelet! Tina is also a talented singer and songwriter! She shared with us that she likes to write songs to cheer herself up when she’s feeling sad. She sang a beautiful and heartbreaking song to us that she had written about her mother leaving her and her sister.

Family is so important to Tina! She spent the last few years in an institution with her older sister and did not want to be separated. Sadly, Tina’s 16-year-old sister became pregnant and is now raising a 5-month-old baby on her own. Tina shared that she doesn’t want this for herself—her deepest wish is to have a family’s unconditional love and support. It’s Tina’s dream to have the opportunity to make something of herself (her dream is to become a flight attendant or a clothing designer!) so she can help her sister and her niece.

This sweet girl also loves school! Her favorite classes are English and technology and while math is a bit harder for her, she is dedicated to doing her best! Tina loves basketball and is also the captain of her school’s team! Outside of school, Tina likes riding bikes, baking, and playing basketball with her best friend. Friendships are so important to Tina—it’s also why she loves My Little Pony, a story about the magic of friendship! Tina is a caring kid and gets along well with her peers and younger children.

Tina dreams of having a family! We know Tina will thrive with a family’s encouragement! To learn more, please reach out to Haley at