Adopt Tessa

Sweet plantain

Five-year-old Tessa is an adorable ball of energy and fun! This sweet little girl doesn’t let her past stop her from experiencing the joy of the present. Tessa has come so far after only five years of life, and we hope that she will soon know the security and love of a forever family!

When Tessa was very young, she experienced a traumatic injury to her brain that also fractured her arms. Tessa’s recovery has been wonderful in many areas, but she is still affected by the brain injury that has led to some continuing developmental delays. As you can see in the video above, Tessa’s spirit is stronger than any delay! She loves artistic activities such as painting, dancing, and listening to music. With the help of different therapies as well as regular playful interaction with her peers, she has shown amazing progress in her development.

Today, she can do many basic activities on her own, such as eating and dressing herself. This social butterfly learns by modeling the behavior she sees in others and is able to follow simple instructions! The school she attends specializes in special education, and they have done a wonderful job to support Tessa’s growth cognitively, verbally, and physically.

We are so proud of the resilience Tessa has shown in her five years of life. We can only imagine the leaps and bounds she will make as a cherished child of a forever family. Please contact us by reaching out to if you would like to know more about Tessa and her story!