Adopt Tate

AGE 10
Going to the park
Bananas & spaghetti

Tate is an outgoing student who is involved in many activities! He enjoys visiting the park, going to the shopping center, and eating ice cream with his foster family. When Tate is with his friends he likes to play basketball, soccer, or hide and seek. Tate is a natural leader and often takes the initiative amongst his peers. He socializes with new people well and is sensitive to the needs of others.

Tate has done a great job of adapting in school and achieved his goals during his first academic period. He is kind to the other students, responsible with his homework, and obeys his teachers. Tate learns his lessons easily and is skilled in applying his new knowledge. He helps with chores around the house and daily cleans his room. He also receives speech therapy on a weekly basis.

When Tate is playing alone he likes to paint with watercolors, read books, or practice his taekwondo skills. Tate wants to be a soccer player when he grows up and admires one of the players on the local national team!Tate desires to have a family who will love him and give him many hugs and kisses! He wants to be valued and respected by his parents and siblings. Could you be the family Tate is waiting for? To learn more about this precious child contact Haley at