Adopt Sylvia

Sylvia is a beautiful girl who describes herself as positive and ambitious! Her greatest passion is dancing, and in the past, she has choreographed dances for school events! She loves to watch videos to learn new dance steps and would love to be a dance teacher one day. Sylvia also has a passion for learning English, and her caregivers make sure she has time each day to attend dance lessons and work on her English skills.

Sylvia is a social girl with lots of friends at school! She receives good grades, but she knows she can do even better. Math and literature are her favorite courses.

Sylvia’s dream is to have a forever family. She wants to receive and share the love and happiness she feels in her life. Sylvia wants to be a daughter her parents can be proud of, and she wants to feel the love of a parent. Would you prayerfully consider having Sylvia become part of your family? If you’re interested in learning more about Sylvia, please contact Tanna at or at 503-893-1345.