Adopt Steven

Steven is a kind, gentle kid! When we met this sweet boy last month in Colombia, we were so amazed by his gentle nature and soulful personality. Steven listens intently, is so well behaved, and has endless patience—with us when we practiced our Spanish, and with younger children when they asked for attention.

Steven has such a distinct style! He cares about looking his best and puts effort into his appearance. Steven also chooses to wear a rosary, which is such a sweet symbol of his connection to his faith. He is even preparing for his first communion!

While Steven has an amazing sense of calm, he is also a fierce competitor! We loved playing soccer and basketball with Steven; he clearly loves the thrill of athletics and thrives being outdoors. He loves sports and some of his favorites include soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball and jump rope.

Steven is the 4th grade and loves art and drawing and his favorite subject is English. It’s his goal to learn English so he’s ready to chat with others when he one day comes to the United States! He gets along great with other kids and his favorite thing to do is play basketball and soccer with friends.

Steven currently lives with a loving foster family and has developed a wonderful bond with his foster siblings and parents. The foster family has horses and Steven so enjoys caring for them. He even dreams of becoming a veterinarian when he grows up. His love of animals is such a testament to his sweet nature!

Sweet Steven is an adaptable, caring kid! We know he will thrive with a family’s love!

To learn more about Steven, please reach out to Haley at