Adopt Skyler

Skyler is the kind of student who stands out among the best in his class! He enjoys math, science, and Spanish classes, but he would prefer to pass on his ethics class as it’s a little too boring for his liking! Skyler enjoys reading and using computers. He would love to continue his studies to go on to college and pursue a career as a veterinarian or policeman. With his disciplined attitude, we are confident he will continue to do his best in school!

Skyler’s skills continue outside the classroom as well. He shows good behavior with his foster family and makes new friends easily. He likes to train with his friends as they prepare for weekend soccer tournaments. Skyler is also active in dancing, singing, biking, and poetry.

Skyler desires to have a family who will ‘want him very much’. He believes his family will support him, give him better opportunities, & a better future to help him fulfill his dreams. To learn more about Skyler contact Tanna at or 503-893-1345.