Adopt Sam

Sam is a sweet, adaptable boy who loves to play! Sam has lived with his loving foster family for the past 4 years and is currently enrolled in Pre-K! Sam does best when he stays busy in activities he enjoys like games and reading. He has positive relationships with his peers and loves games of all kinds—especially jig saw puzzles and building games! Sam’s favorite foods are meat, chicken, yogurt, ice cream, Jello-O, crackers, bread and Arepa. This adorable little boy has bilateral conductive hearing loss, intellectual development disorder, ADHD, communication disorder, enuresis, and encopresis. Sam also received a Cochlear Implant when was 3 years old. Sam mostly communicates non-verbally and is independent in dressing, bathing, and feeding himself.

We know amazing things are possible for Sam with the love of a family! Reach out to Haley at