Adopt Matt

Matt is a sweet, quiet kid!  Matt is a great student and is able to concentrate well in school—he’s also excelling in English! He has many friends at school and in the neighborhood and enjoys playing soccer with them.

Since coming into foster care last year, Matt has gained more confidence and has begun to share his opinions. Sadly, Matt grew up in an unstable family environment and was often neglected. After joining his foster family, he has gained self-esteem and confidence and thinks positively about his future. Matt has developed a wonderful relationship built on trust with his foster parents and confides in them about his past and his dreams for the future.

Matt shared that he would like to be adopted and grow up within a forever family. His deepest wish is to have a family of his own that will provide him with the love, attention, support, and comfort he craves!

To learn more about Matt, please reach out to Haley at