Adopt Lydia

Lydia is a spontaneous young girl who is determined to succeed in life! Sadly, Lydia entered the protection of the central authority when she was only 6 years old. Lydia’s birth mother worked at a farm, selling food and would bring Lydia to the farm from early in the morning until late at night. Her mom realized this was not the life Lydia should live and she made a very difficult decision to place her in protection with the central authority and for adoption.

When Lydia came into the institution, she struggled a lot with feelings of abandonment and had a difficult time in school as she had never had the opportunity to learn how to read or write.

We are so excited to see such great improvement! Lydia now knows the alphabet, is learning to count on her own, and learning to read and write! It’s amazing what love and care can do for a child!

Lydia’s caregivers have shared that she observes others closely and is eager to grow into her role as a young lady. Lydia comes alive when given the opportunity to express herself! She loves to make videos and create stories—this is when she is most in her element and has the most self-confidence. As she becomes more comfortable with others, she blossoms, and is warm and outgoing when introduced to others and contributes to conversations. Lydia is a very affectionate child and has a great sense of humor! She loves to make others laugh.

The psychologist and the social workers have shared that Lydia has a great imagination. This allows her to be more flexible and free when it comes to expressing herself. They believe that it’s very therapeutic for Lydia to think and express freely without any limitation. She also loves to paint, sing, perform, and write letters to the people in her life. We may have an artist in the works!

Even though she was abandoned at such a young age, she has learned to build healthy relationships with her peers and caregivers. She’s learning to trust others around her. There is so much potential in this beautiful girl! She’s definitely been through a lot –but she came out strong and on top. Lydia deserves a family to love and support her!

Could you be that family?

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