Adopt Luke

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Sweet Luke is a happy, loving child! Our team met Luke just last month and were so impressed by his willingness to interact with new people and his desire for connection. He is an all-around pleasant, friendly, cooperative kid and we so enjoyed getting to know him. Luke shared with us again and again how much he wants to have a family’s unconditional love!

We spent the afternoon with Luke—playing soccer and even learning how to make origami! Luke taught himself how to make origami from books at the library and has such an amazing knack for it! Luke made us origami airplanes, boats and a wolf! We were so blown away by his passion and dexterity! He shared with us that he enjoys the challenge of origami and likes teaching it to friends at school.

In addition to his artistic side, Luke loves soccer! He plays on a soccer team 4 days a week and would love to one day become a professional goalie! His favorite soccer team is Real Madrid and he hopes to see Cristiano Ronaldo (his favorite soccer player) play!

Luke comes from a hard place—most of his life has been spent in an institution with his mother and sisters for individuals who are HIV+. Sadly, Luke’s mother passed away a little over a year ago and Luke left the institution. He now lives with a foster family and is thriving! Luke is very adaptable and has done so well with these difficult transitions. He is a very independent and responsible kid.

While Luke is still catching up in school due to his previous environment, he is making amazing progress! Luke is so dedicated to doing his best in school and it’s his dream to go on to college and become a biologist. He also enjoys learning English, even though it’s challenging at times! Luke gets along great with other kids and is such a gentle, kind soul!

It’s Luke’s dream to have a family to love and support him! We know amazing things are possible for this sweet boy! To learn more, please contact Tanna at or at 503-893-1345.