Adopt Kai, Leah, Zoe, & Olive

AGE 18
17, 15, 11, 2.5

Kai, Leah, Zoe and Olive dream of life together with a caring family! Our team had the amazing privilege to meet them this past August and hear more about their story.

Kai is an intelligent, curious, resilient teenager with a strong desire to learn. A phenomenal English speaker, Kai enjoys reading advanced books and drawing! Even though he was initially shy, he quickly warmed up to our team! He is a bright child, who recently changed schools to be further challenged academically. Kai really enjoys electronic music! He fears being separated from his younger sisters but looks positively toward the future!

Leah is a sporty, funny and responsible girl, who has taken on the role of a caretaker for her siblings. Leah enjoys spending time with her friends and playing soccer! Her ideal day would include eating ice cream with friends. Leah is passionate about Salsa dancing! Although she is described by her siblings as “the bossiest”, Leah is cautious, watchful and nurturing. She shared with us that her only dream is to be together with her siblings and find a forever family.

Zoe is a sweet and shy young girl. Although school can sometimes be challenging for her, she enjoys her math and PE classes and is working hard to succeed! Teachers enjoy having Zoe in their class because she is a strong leader and a good friend! She really enjoys sports and dancing! Zoe is also nurturing toward her younger sister and a loyal companion to her peers.

Olive is a lovable, quiet little girl, who likes to play! She is well bonded to her older siblings, who are very protective of her. She interacts well with other children, communicates well and is affectionate! Olive’s favorite activity is coloring!

The family adopting these sweet siblings may be eligible for our need-based AGCI Adoption Grant, which can assist a family in up to $3,000 toward adoption fees. For more information, please reach out to Haley at