Adopt Justin

Justin is a cheerful teenager with a big heart! He is very caring and affectionate and loves to be cuddled. Justin enjoys using his creativity to make crafts, paint, and draw. He even uses modeling clay to create new projects! When it comes to food, Justin isn’t picky. He loves all kinds of delicious treats as long as cucumbers aren’t involved!

Justin has an intellectual disability that he is receiving therapy for. He attends an inclusion program at school and receives specialized attention from a variety of professionals. We are proud of Justin’s progress, achievements, and continued determination to learn more! He even attended a camp this past summer that helped him improve his social emotional abilities.

School outings, playing sports with friends, spending time outside, and learning more about computers bring Justin joy! He is also interested in music and singing though he is sometimes shy about sharing these talents.

Justin wants to belong to a family he can trust and receive unconditional support from. He knows he deserves and needs a family. Could you be those people for Justin? To learn more contact Haley at