Adopt Joel

Joel is a caring, calm kid! Our team met Joel last month in Colombia and we loved learning more about this kind, quiet, and considerate kid. Joel is an amazing artist! He loves drawing and even drew an incredible portrait based on a photo of a team member’s kids during our visit! Joel loves drawing monsters, sci-fi characters, and historical figures. His favorites to depict are the people who helped liberate Colombia—especially Simón Bolívar! Joel shared with us that he hasn’t had any formal training—he just uses his imagination and finds it very relaxing to draw.

As you may have guessed from his interest in history, Joel is a great student! He enjoys school and especially likes chemistry and social studies—particularly when he gets to create experiments! Math is a little more challenging for him but he works hard to do his best. Joel also loves music and basketball and enjoys playing on his school’s team! Joel also loves animals and it’s his goal to attend university and become a veterinarian one day.

As an older kid, Joel is all too aware of his limited time to find a family. He was nervous when chatting with us and so honest about his experiences and desire for a family’s unconditional love. Joel shared with us that for him, a family is loving, sweet, and will accept him for who he is and support him no matter what!

This sweet boy deserves to experience the love of a family! To learn more, please reach out to Alison at