Adopt Jenny

Jenny is an enthusiastic child with a great personality! She is often curious and loves to engage others in conversation. Jenny is affectionate and does a beautiful job showing empathy to those around her. She has a gift of connecting with people when she first meets them and enjoys being able to help with chores around the home.

Jenny is visually impaired due to congenital glaucoma. She moves around well using her cane and other people’s voices. Jenny cares for herself and likes to be clean and well kept.

Two of Jenny’s favorite places are the beach and the pool. She loves to sing, play with dogs, ride horses, and have stories read to her.

Our prayer is that Jenny has a forever family. Jenny believes children should be with their parents and families to share and socialize together. A family would allow Jenny to continue to develop independence and autonomy in her daily life with the unconditional love and support a family can offer. To learn more about Jenny, please reach out to Haley at