Adopt Jake, Randy, and Charlene

Jake, Randy, and Charlene are sweet, loving kids who want nothing more than the love of a family! These adorable siblings are incredibly bonded. When our team met these amazing kids in Colombia last month, it was instantly clear how much they loved one another!

Oldest brother Jake was shy when we first met him but quickly opened up! Once we got a game of soccer going it was easy to see Jake’s cooperative, easy going nature. Jake engages easily with others once he’s comfortable and is such a caring, protective older brother! Jake’s passion is soccer! He plays forward and it’s his dream to become a professional soccer player one day. Jake is also clearly an artist! He loves drawing and taking photos. This sweet, caring boy is also a great student—English is his favorite subject and he enjoyed testing out his knowledge with our team.

Just like his big brother, Randy loves soccer! This outgoing kid was easily engaged and also shared his brother’s cooperative, easy going nature. According to his siblings, Randy is the bossiest and also the sweetest. We love that combo! Randy does well in school and enjoys problem-solving—he especially loves building robots from Legos.

Charlene is the youngest and also the funniest according to her older brothers! Charlene is a quieter kid and excels most in sports and at school! We were so impressed by her beautiful handwriting! She loves school and finds it so fun—especially math. Her brothers shared with us that she is the most conscientious at school and is the best student in their family! Charlene enjoys studying, doing homework, and reading. It’s her dream to become a soccer player when she grows up!

These sweet, affectionate siblings need the love of a forever family! We know they will thrive together with the support of a family!

The family adopting Jake, Randy, and Charlene may be eligible for our need-based AGCI Adoption Grant, which can assist a family in up to $3,000 toward adoption fees. For more information, please reach out to Alison at