Adopt Hayden & Bradley

AGE 14
13 & 10
7th & 4th
Soccer & Bulgarian Dance
Ice cream, Bulgarian Moussaka, and Chocolate

Hayden is an active boy who loves to play soccer and basketball. Sports aren’t his only passion though. He also loves to participate in traditional Bulgarian dance at school festivals and village celebrations! Hayden is a lovable teenage who is described as incapable of offending anyone or saying a negative word. He has many friends at school and looks forward to attending his classes. Hayden is working on learning English, and his favorite class is physics. He has also become interested in the universe and planets as he has started to study astronomy. Hayden receives good grades and is responsible in his school work. As he nears the beginning of 8th grade he is required to choose a specialty. He is considering marketing, but at this time he is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up.

Bradley is a social and friendly 10-year-old with a playful spirit and a great sense of humor. Like his older brother he is also working on learning English. Bradley receives excellent grades in math and is diligent in his schoolwork. He loves to play as a defender on his soccer team and reports he isn’t afraid of anyone on the field, unless there is a snake lurking in the grass!

Hayden and Bradley  have a good relationship with their foster family and with one another. Hayden cares for his younger brother even when Bradley doesn’t listen to him! Just like most boys their age they are competitive with one another, but they are sure to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

These amazing brothers are looking forward to having a family who will help them succeed. The family adopting Hayden and Bradley may be eligible for our need-based AGCI Adoption Grant, which can assist a family in up to $3,000 toward adoption fees. For more information contact Haley at