Adopt Gabe, Fiona, & Grace

AGE 12
12, 10, 6
Playing outside together
Fruits and veggies

These sweet siblings know how to be there for one another. Meet Gabe, Fiona, and Grace! They are kind, loving, and enjoy playing games. Since 2017, they have been living at an institution.

Gabe is a very sweet, quiet, and a protective older brother to his younger sisters. He enjoys board games and is a great student at school. He expresses himself very well and has a generally kind and calm demeanor.

Fiona is cheerful and always has a ready smile. She likes to dance, draw, and try new fruits! Sometimes it is difficult for Fiona to focus on her studies at school because she very much prefers to play outside, but she is getting better with the help of her teachers and caregivers. She has much affection for Gabe and Grace!

Little Grace is loving and inquisitive. She loves the company of her older siblings and knows her colors and shapes very well! She receives affection well from her caregivers and siblings.

These precious children are full of so much life and joy. We know they will only thrive knowing the love and support of a forever family. If you would like to learn more about Gabe, Fiona, and Grace, please contact us at