Adopt Conrad

*Password for the video is: hope4ever

Conrad is an intelligent boy with quite the imagination! This well-mannered 11-year-old loves to talk and tell elaborate stories that he has created. Conrad easily brings joy into any conversation and has a great memory for sharing fairytales with his friends and bringing the characters to life!

Conrad works hard in the 5th grade where he most enjoys his literature class. He spends time with a resource teacher twice a week to increase his math and reading skills. Conrad is currently persevering through learning his multiplication tables!

When he’s not in school, Conrad helps care for the animals on the farm where he lives with his foster family. He loves to spend time outside playing hide and seek with his friends.

Conrad often has a smile on his face and shares his great sense of humor by telling jokes. He dreams of having his own car business one day, but his biggest dream is to have a family and siblings who will love and support him! To learn more about Conrad becoming part of your family contact Tanna at 503-893-1345 or