Adopt Cole, Gavin, Adaline, & Trevor

These four siblings are ready to grow up together and find their family!

Gavin is the oldest of the bunch and is often a protective figure and leader to his younger siblings. He attends 2nd grade, and loves to play soccer. Gavin has positive feelings toward adoption but strongly desires to stay with his younger siblings.

Like Gavin, Cole likes to have a protective role over his younger siblings. He attends the second grade, and his teachers have noted his attentiveness in class and his willingness to participate. Cole is a natural leader in group settings, and his determined spirit allows him to finish what he starts. Cole is especially close to his younger brother, Trevor, and the two of them enjoy painting, playing with superheroes, and watching cartoons.

The only girl amongst her three brothers is Adeline! She has an affectionate personality and likes to be the center of attention! Adeline attends elementary school where she stands out due to her performance and values. Adeline loves to play with her friends and is often curious about situations or objects that are new to her. She loves to dance, color, and paint.

Trevor is the youngest sibling and is currently attending preschool. He is a quick learner and has made significant progress during his time in speech therapy. Trevor loves animals and going for a swim in the pool!

The family adopting these siblings may be eligible for our need-based AGCI Adoption Grant, which can assist a family in up to $3,000 toward adoption fees. To learn more, please reach out Haley at